Good Jobs

We need to boost Iowa’s economy by growing businesses we already have and making sure we are ready to take advantage of the next wave of new jobs. Future growth in the Cedar Valley will build on our strong work ethic and outstanding education as we invest in green collar jobs, information solutions and lean manufacturing.

Health Care

Quality health care for every Iowan should be our goal. From a healthy start for our kids, to affordable insurance for working families and caring for our seniors, we must control costs and focus on patient-centered care. We can keep future costs under control by taking charge of our own personal wellness. Let’s strive to make Iowa a leader in affordable, accessible health care for the next generation and beyond.

Balanced Budget for a Better Iowa

I will work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure we’re getting the most out of every tax dollar. Reducing the burden of property taxes, making government more efficient and balancing the state’s budget are the essential elements for driving growth in the private sector. This keeps hard-earned money in the pockets of Iowa’s working families, where it belongs. Public service has been my life’s calling and I am determined to make sure government not only works for everyone but works well along the way.

Good Schools

Education is an investment in our future. Our children must be able to compete with their peers at home and abroad. Iowans are known as life-long learners, from pre-K to post-doctorate. With the opportunity to receive a valuable education comes the responsibility to raise the bar and exceed expectations. This means parents, teachers and students must all work together to make Iowa second to none when it comes to achieving educational excellence.

Energy and Environment

We must declare our energy independence from fossil fuels and shift our focus to renewable, sustainable energy sources. I believe Iowa can be clean, green and growing all at the same time. We should pursue renewable energy investments, use what we already have more efficiently and build green buildings so future savings will be possible. It is a good time for Iowa because we can lead the way in the emerging bio-economy.

Veterans Deserve our Support

As a Navy veteran, I strongly support our men and women in uniform. The best way to show this support and honor their service is to keep our promises to the troops. We have a solemn obligation to provide health care, education benefits and job protection to those who gave the best years of their lives to protect us so that we may live free.